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News about developments in hearing healthcare are posted.

When common sounds are bothersome:

Roberta Singer

Are you “baaa-ffled” as to why certain sounds are so irritating? You are not alone if there are noises that elicit an upsetting reaction. Reduced tolerance to everyday sounds that those around you are not bothered by may be causing anxiety. Therapy is possible. Seek help by a trained professional and throw away those ear plugs!


Notice the Noise Around You!

Roberta Singer

Did you know that noise exposure is second to aging as cause of permanent hearing loss? Think about this the next time you are holding a hair dryer near your ears or using a noisy vacuum cleaner in a small confined space. The louder a sound is and the closer it is to your ears, the more likely it will damage your hearing!

Thoughts on Unilateral Hearing Loss

Roberta Singer

Over 7% of the population has hearing loss in just one ear. About one third of these individuals are identified at birth and the remaining two thirds experiencing acquired hearing loss later on in life. Those with acquired unilateral hearing loss have generally gained benefit from amplification, serving to reduce anxiety and enhance communication in social situations. Localization and ability to hearing in noise can be improved!

Avoiding Dealing with Hearing Loss?

Roberta Singer

Stay involved in conversations, in the social scene, in life. Many people put off getting help for hearing issues due to cost or the stigma of wearing hearing aids. Beware that this may have long-term health consequences. Without communication and social interaction, you may be at higher risk of cognitive decline over time. Today’s amplification devices are better looking and sounding than ever, can link to your phone and make life much more enjoyable!

Top Tips for Success with Hearing Aids

Roberta Singer

Make sure your new hearing aids fit well to maximize sound quality and comfort. All day use is the key to successful adjustment. An experienced audiologist should ensure you are happy with the fit, feel and sound and are motivated to keep the hearing aids on. They work so much better in your ears than in the drawer!