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News about developments in hearing healthcare are posted.

Moisture - No Friend to Hearing Aids

Roberta Singer

It has been a hot humid summer for most of us!  That means hearing wearers should be more vigilant about keeping their hearing aids dry.  Although hearing aids nowadays are moisture resistant, none are completely waterproof.   For those with disposable batteries, open the battery doors at night and place them in an open air dry area.  For all wearers, both with disposable and rechargeable units, consider using a hearing aid dehumidifier several times a month to further protect your investment.  Clean and dry.  Maximize your good buy!

4th Best Hearing Safety Suggestions

Roberta Singer

Fireworks: Beautiful for the eyes. Damaging to the ears. Protect your ears from noise-induced loss by minimizing the intensity of the loud snapping, crackling and popping of fireworks on the Fourth of July. Consider distancing yourself from the site and/or wearing ear protection. Each will reduce the possibility of permanent damage. Be 4th smart!

Summertime and the Hearing is Easy

Roberta Singer

Heat and Hearing Aids: As summertime approaches, keep in mind that humidity is not a hearing aid's friend. While enjoying the summer months, remember to use a desiccant such as in a Dry Aid kit for removing moisture from the delicate components. Nightly attention will have you hearing all the wonderful sounds of the summer all season long!

Localization 101

Roberta Singer

Localization 101: Change the shape of your ears and change your ability to localize the source of the sound (Journal of Neuroscience 5 March 2018.) Whether by adding an decorative ear cuff piercing or surgery for skin cancer at the ear, modifying the shape of your ear will disturb your sense of localization, but only for a few days. Eventually the brain will relearn using the new status quo. Next time you slip on that baseball cap over the top half of your ears, expect to have some trouble hearing where the ping of your golf ball ricocheted off the tree! :)

Family Rocks!

Roberta Singer

Inviting family to sit-in on audiology appointments adds to a successful outcome. Familial support of a spouse and/or child helps to ensure the proper use and care of hearing aid devices, while educating all on the importance of behavioral listening techniques. This is just one more advantage of a concierge experience!