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4th Best Hearing Safety Suggestions

Roberta Singer

Fireworks: Beautiful for the eyes. Damaging to the ears. Protect your ears from noise-induced loss by minimizing the intensity of the loud snapping, crackling and popping of fireworks on the Fourth of July. Consider distancing yourself from the site and/or wearing ear protection. Each will reduce the possibility of permanent damage. Be 4th smart!


Roberta Singer

HURRICANES AND HEARING: Exposure to strong sustained winds has the potential to create noise-induced hearing loss! Winds of 85 mph and above can cause hearing loss if exposure is prolonged or repeated. The louder the sound, the less exposure it takes. Imagine that Key West experienced sustained winds of 125 mph. Just one more reason to evacuate the island before Hurricane Irma hit.

March Madness Related Hearing Loss!

Roberta Singer

It happens every year at this time. Basketball enthusiasts across the country become united in a common cause: March Madness! The NCAA Division I Basketball Championship games this year include our home team, the Rhody Rams. All eyes will be on the top teams vying for #1. For some lucky people, the opportunity to see a live game is one that is no doubt exciting, but that excitement can come with a hidden danger: hearing loss.

Bigger arenas mean bigger sound; adding to the noise level are enormous high quality speaker systems. Some large arenas feature as many as 60 speakers aimed directly at the spectators for maximum amplification. Between the pep band, the buzzers, the announcers, the loud music and thousands of screaming fans including an enthusiastic student section, it all adds up to a potentially dangerous noise level.

Hearing protection for loud sporting events is crucial, especially for children, and the solution is simple. A simple pair of foam or polyurethane earplugs can easily be obtained from a drugstore for just a few dollars and are effective at blocking your ears from harmful noise. Be smart and protect your ears. You have only one pair.

Rhody Rhody Rhody! Rams Rams Rams! GO RHODY!


Use of Earbuds May Be Hazardous

Roberta Singer

Think earphones NOT earbuds:
Earbuds sit farther in the ear canal, delivering sound closer to the eardrum and raising the sound volume. By using earphones instead of earbuds and keeping the volume the same, you will be less likely to experience damage to the inner ear hair cells. Protect your ears - you have only ONE set!


Roberta Singer

The noise of modern life causes permanent hearing damage to many U.S. adults who don't even suspect they've experienced a loss. A leaf blower operates at 90 decibels, and can cause hearing damage after two hours of exposure. A live sporting event generates 100 decibels of noise, and damages hearing after 14 minutes of exposure. A rock concert generates 110 decibels, damaging hearing within two minutes. A siren produces 120 decibels of noise, damaging hearing within one minute. About 53 percent of adults with noise-induced hearing damage reported no exposure to loud sounds while on the job, according to the study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2/7/17).