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Home Hearing Help Blog

News about developments in hearing healthcare are posted.

Having trouble hearing your new expensive television?

Roberta Singer

Note about today's flatscreen televisions: They may have excellent HD picture quality, but many flatscreens have rear facing speakers. Sound quality is compromised in this situation. Do yourself a favor and purchase a quality sound bar that will bring the sound to the front. Your whole family will have a much easier time.

Holiday Banter:

Roberta Singer

"Did you hear about Aunt Edna? It was hilarious! She...." Don't miss out on any of the family stories this holiday. Be a part of the conversation and laughter and love. Wear your hearing aids or find out how to improve your hearing from a trustworthy professional. Enjoy the caroling and holiday magic to the max!


Roberta Singer

Does hearing aid use make my hearing worse over time?
This is a question asked by new hearing aid candidates. Hearing aid use actually improves listening skills and in fact enhances the ability of the brain to interpret speech over time. Unaided hearing thresholds are not affected by wearing properly fit hearing aids.

Scared to Get Hearing Aids or Scared Not To

Roberta Singer

This Halloween, don't be "afraid" to explore the world of better hearing. A recent conference this September held by the American Geriatric Society stressed the relationship between declining hearing and vision as we age and cognitive health. The simultaneous presence of hearing, vision and cognitive impairments was noted to be more prevalent than expected by chance alone. It was concluded that maintaining sensory function is vital to offset cognitive decline. "Treat" yourself to improved hearing and communication function!

Tinnitus got you down?

Roberta Singer

There are ways to help! High pitch tinnitus has traditionally been the most difficult to help. Now there are products with high frequency boost that can reach and mask the most troublesome highest frequency "ringing" sounds. Hearing aids allow you to hear comfortably while masking the annoying sounds produced internally. Relax and enjoy the sounds of life!